Freewill Offerings

Hautou Ministries Inc. believes in the principle of, "freely you have received, freely give."  Besides edifying the Body of Christ through this ministry, we believe in supporting other ministries, so that they may be more able to accomplish what the Lord has called them to do.  Therefore, as people give, we intend to sow into other ministries as the Lord leads.  As we sow, we will declare where it is going.  If a person decides that he or she wants to give to a specific ministry through Perfect Faith. Org, we will be more than happy to accomodate.  We want to afford people a place to sow, but let us also emphasize that a person's primary place of giving should be the church in which they attend.  We do not solicit funds, but we do receive offerings that are freely given as the Lord leads.  We pray that the Lord blesses and mulitplies your seed as you give.


We have made Paypal available for your convenience; however, please do not use a credit card to donate.  Do not go into debt, and expect God to make the difference.  The Word clearly states, "For if there be first a willing mind, it is accepted according to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not" (2Corinthians 8:12).  If the Lord leads you to give, by all means use a debit card or a prepaid card.  This ministry operates under the principle of being debt free, and encourages others to do the same.  We would rather you give nothing, than for you to do go in debt trying to give.


All freewill offerings are tax-deductable.


Thank you for your support!

Hautou Ministries